Portsmouth Real Estate Information

Portsmouth is a medium sized community that is actually relatively large for the state of New Hampshire. Portsmouth has a population of approximately twenty thousand eight hundred residents, making it the fourth largest community in the county. Portsmouth is situated in Rockingham County, and is notable for its seaport and tourist attractions. Portsmouth is found in the southeastern portion of the state, and is currently governed by Mayor Tom Ferrini and City Manager John Bohenko. Portsmouth encompasses a total area of just under seventeen square miles, including slightly more than a square mile of surface water. Portsmouth is noted for being home to the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, which was for a time an Air Force Base under the Strategic Air Command.

The area which is now considered Portsmouth was of course originally inhabited by Native Americans, in particular those of the Swampscott Tribe. Europeans first began to explore the region in the year sixteen three, although settlement in earnest began in the year sixteen thirty, making Portsmouth one of the oldest communities in the Granite State. Portsmouth was originally called Piscataqua and then Strawberry Bank before the community received its current name in the year sixteen fifty three. Portsmouth was also officially incorporated as a town in the year sixteen fifty three, and had an economy heavily based on fishing, timber, and shipbuilding. Portsmouth has not been an economic powerhouse for literally more than a century, although it continues to carry traces of its exciting history, including a number of highly historic sites and architecturally significant buildings.

Educational opportunities in Portsmouth are offered by a wide variety of public and private institutions, including Hesser College, Southern New Hampshire University, and Franklin Pierce University. Notable historic sites in Portsmouth include the Rundlet-May house, the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion, the Moffatt-Ladd House, Governor John Langdon House, and the John Paul Jones House. Sites of interest in Portsmouth include the USS Albacore Museum and Park, the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, the Pontine Movement Theater, the Strawberry Banke Museum, the Seacoast Repertory Theater, the Prescott Park Arts Festival, and the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, among others.