Dover Real Estate Information

Dover is a medium sized community situated in the southeastern portion of the Granite State, New Hampshire. Dover has a population of approximately twenty six thousand nine hundred residents, making it a moderate size for the entire United States, but a relatively large city for the state of New Hampshire. Dover is situated in Strafford County, for which it serves as the county seat. Dover is governed by a tripartite form of city government, including City Manager Mike Joyal, Mayor Scott Meyers, and an eight-member City Council. Dover includes a total area of almost thirty square miles, meaning that Dover is rather sparsely populated. Dover is one of the oldest communities in the nation, and has a number of historic sites to match that designation.

The area which is now considered Dover was originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Abenaki Tribe, who termed the region “Wecohamet”. Dover was first settled and explored by non-Native Americans in the year sixteen twenty three, while the community was officially incorporated about fifteen years later. The first settlers of Dover were William and Edward Hilton, who named the community Hilton's Point after themselves. Dover is the oldest permanent settlement in the state of New Hampshire, and one of the ten oldest in the entire United States of America. For the early portion of its history, Dover's economy was based off of a sawmill and a gristmill, although this livelihood eventually shifted more towards railroads, textiles, and manufacturing.

The educational needs of Dover are met primarily by the Dover School District, which is home to Home Street Elementary, Garrison Elementary, Woodman Park Elementary, Dover Middle, and Dover High Schools. Dover is also home to Saint Mary Academy, McIntosh College, Portsmouth Christian Academy, and Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. Points of interest in Dover include the Children's Museum of New Hampshire, Hilton Park at Dover Point, the Woodman Institute Museum, and Garrison Hill Tower. Other nearby points of interest include the Rochester Opera House, Salmon Falls Stoneware, and the Spinelli Cinema. Dover is also home to incredibly beautiful leaves and foliage in the fall months by virtue of its location in New England.