Kennebunk Real Estate Information

Kennebunk is a medium sized community found in the southernmost portion of the state of Maine, just shy of the New Hampshire state line. Kennebunk has a population of approximately ten thousand five hundred residents, and is technically considered a town of Maine. Kennebunk is sometimes understood to encompass the smaller community of Kennebunkport, which is roughly half the size of Kennebunk. When taken together, these two communities have a cumulative population of slightly more than fourteen thousand residents. Kennebunk is located in York County, and is home to a number of historic sites and recreational destinations. Kennebunk includes a total area of about thirty five and a half square miles, including a little less than half of a square mile of water.

Kennebunk is governed by a town meeting form of government, which breaks down into a Chairman, currently Wayne Berry, and a four person Board of Selectmen, which currently consists of Daniel Boothby, Robert Higgins, Al Searles, and Thomas Wellman. Kennebunk was originally settled around the year sixteen twenty, making it one of the earliest settlements in the state of Maine in particular and New England at large. Kennebunk was notable for manufacturing, trading, and shipbuilding, although it is more well known now as a tourist destination. Kennebunk was originally inhabited by Abenaki Native Americans, and boasts a considerable selection of architecturally significant buildings. Many important historic and cultural structures are found in the Summer Street Historic District, while others include the Wedding Cake House and the Lafayette Center.

Educational opportunities in Kennebunk are offered primarily by the Maine School Administrative District Number Seventy One, which maintains the Consolidated School, Kennebunk Elementary School, Sea Road School, the Middle School of the Kennebunks, and Kennebunk High School. Notable residents of Kennebunk throughout the years include politicians Hugh McCulloch, Clement Storer, and Joseph Dane as well as author Kenneth Roberts and athlete Erik Nedeau. Kennebunk is noted for offering recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, whale watching, shopping, and dining, and is also a great beach resort during the summer months. Some of the beaches include Mother's Beach, Rocky Beach, Long Beach, and Parson's Beach.