Kittery Real Estate Information

Kittery is a medium sized community situated in the southernmost portion of the state of Maine. Kittery has a population of approximately nine thousand five hundred residents, at least according to figures reported by the census bureau in the year two thousand. Kittery is situated in York County, which borders on the Bay State of Massachusetts. Kittery is technically considered to be a part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford Metropolitan Statistical Area, increasing the convenience of the area for residents of the town. Kittery is known locally as the Gateway to Maine, a tribute to the tourist appeal of the community and the location of the town on the Maine-New Hampshire border. Kittery encompasses a total area of twenty one square miles, including a little more than three square miles of surface water.

The area which is now considered Kittery was first settled by non-Native Americans in the first quarter of the seventeenth century, specifically around the year sixteen twenty three. Kittery was officially incorporated as a town of the state of Maine in the year sixteen forty seven, and claims to be the oldest incorporated town in the state. The name of the town is taken from the hometown of a founding father of Kittery, Alexander Shapleigh, who arrived in the region in the year sixteen thirty five. Kittery had an important role in the American Revolution, as a number of warships were built in the surrounding region, including a ship captained by the legendary Captain John Paul Jones. Kittery is now known mostly for its tourist attractions and architecturally significant buildings.

Some important residents of Kittery throughout the years include Admiral Dennis C. Blair, Actress Monique Edwards, Actor John O'Hurley, Poet Celia Thaxter, and William Whipple, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Historic sites in the town of Kittery include the Fort Foster Historic Site, the Fort McClary State Historic Site, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, which is more than two hundred years old. The educational needs of Kittery are met by a number of institutions including the Frisbee School, Shapleigh Middle School, the Robert W. Traip Academy, and Horace Mitchell Primary School. Points of interest in and around Kittery include Prescott Park, Camp Meridian, and a number of water related attractions.