Newmarket Real Estate Information

Newmarket is one of a number of relatively small towns situated in the state of New Hampshire. Newmarket has a population of approximately eight thousand residents, at least as of when the last census was taken in the year two thousand. Newmarket is located in Rockingham County, meaning that the community is found relatively close to the coastline of the Granite State. This is an especially rare and desirable location, primarily because the state of New Hampshire has only about eighteen miles of coastline. While there is a census designated place by the name of Newmarket, it should not be considered separately from the rest of Newmarket simply because the census designated place is home to more than sixty percent of the population of Newmarket.

The town of Newmarket was settled relatively early in the history of New England, having its beginnings in the year seventeen twenty seven, when King George the First of England created the community by royal charter. Newmarket was officially recognized as a town in the year seventeen thirty seven, splitting away from the “mother community” of Exeter. The most probable origin of the name Newmarket is from a town of the same name in Suffolk in the the United Kingdom. Newmarket was a critical component of America's trade with the West Indies, and later evolved to rely more heavily on the textile industry. Newmarket was also known as Lampreyville for a period of time, a tribute to the Lamprey River, which runs through the town.

Newmarket is governed by a seven member town council, and encompasses a total area of slightly over fourteen square miles. Newmarket has a remarkable number of educational opportunities, ranging from the famed Phillips Exeter Academy found in neighboring Exeter to the Newmarket School District and the University of New Hampshire at Durham. Some notable points of interest in and around New Market include the New Hampshire Telephone Museum, Rollins State Park, and Mount Kearsage Indian Museum. Recreational facilities in Newmarket include the Lake Massasecum Park and Campground, Wadleigh State Park and Beach, and Sandy Beach Campground.