Ogunquit Real Estate Information

Ogunquit is a rather small settlement found in the extreme southeastern portion of the state of Maine. Ogunquit has a recorded population of only about one thousand two hundred permanent residents, at least as of the census conducted in the year two thousand. This figure increases substantially during the summer months, when Ogunquit becomes a bustling and very busy resort area. Ogunquit is situated in York County, as are a number of other notable resort, vacation, and oceanside communities. Ogunquit has the motto of a “Beautiful Place by the Sea”, and is technically considered a part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford Metropolitan Statistical Area. Ogunquit includes a total area of about four and one third square miles, including about one fifth of a square mile of permanent surface water.

The name Ogunquit literally means coastal lagoon in the language of the Abenaki Indians, who were the original inhabitants of the region. The name was adopted by European settlers, who began to arrive in what is now considered Ogunquit (then known as a part of the town of Wells) in the year sixteen forty one. Industry began to develop in Ogunquit within about four decades, as sawmills and shipbuilding yards sprang up both inland and along the coast. The cultural life of Ogunquit received a substantial boost in the year eighteen ninety eight, when the Ogunquit Art Colony was founded in reaction to artists discovering the scenic beauty of the area. Ogunquit finally became a town independent of Wells in the year nineteen eighty.

Interesting cultural and historic sites in and around Ogunquit include the Historical Society of Wells and Ogunquit, the Ogunquit Museum of American Art, the Captain James Winn House, and the Ogunquit Playhouse. Some interesting residents of Ogunquit throughout the years include Arnie Ginsburg, Walt Kuhn, and John Kendrick Bangs. Educational opportunities in and around Ogunquit are offered by the Wells School District, York County Community College, and a number of private institutions. Recreational sites in the general area of Ogunquit include the Ogunquit Playhouse, the Ogunquit River Plantation, Pindersoa Campground, and Beach Acres Park and Campground.