Somersworth Real Estate Information

Somersworth is a medium sized community situated in the southeastern portion of the state of New Hampshire. Somersworth has a population of approximately eleven thousand five hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the Granite State, although it was previously acknowledged by the state government as a parish. Although Somersworth is about average for all of the communities of New Hampshire, it is one of the smallest of the thirteen cities of the state. Somersworth has the smallest land mass and the third lowest number of residents among these cities. Somersworth encompasses a total area of almost exactly ten square miles, of which only about two percent is surface water. Somersworth was originally known as Silgo, a reference to another city of the same name in Iceland before the name changed to Summersworth and then Somersworth.

Somersworth was of course originally inhabited by Native Americans, specifically those of the Swampscott Tribe, a group that ranged through much of what is now considered New Hampshire. European and American settlers first began to arrive during the seventeenth century, a consequence of the simultaneous settlement of nearby Dover. Somersworth was first recognized as a separate community in the year seventeen twenty nine, and was officially incorporated as a distinct city in the year seventeen fifty four. The economy of Somersworth has depended on different industries at different points in the community's history, including mills, textiles, and even the residential business.

Somersworth accumulated a substantial portion of architecturally significant buildings during its prime years (the apex of the mill industry), including a number of Victorian structures. Somersworth has become largely residential and suburbanized, although as of late there has been some commercial development on High Street. The educational needs of Somersworth are met by a number of local and regional institutions, primarily the Somersworth School District, which includes Somersworth High School, Somersworth Middle School, Hilltop School, and Maple Wood Elementary School. Some recreational points of interest in and around Somersworth include the Summersworth Historical Society Museum, the Hilltop Fun Center, the Oaks Golf Links, the Sunningdale Golf Club, Preservation Park, and the Old Stage Campground.